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progetto cofinanziato da
Unione Europea Ministero dell'Interno
Fondo europeo per l’integrazione di cittadini di paesi terzi

The project

The ‘Noi Mondo TV’ project was created thanks to financing made available by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (European Integration Fund, EIF), which was obtained through the work of a regional team. This winning team was made up of the following components: the Municipality of Fano (main), the Province of Pesaro & Urbino, Comunità Montana dell’Alto e Medio Metauro, the Millevoci association, the Millemondi association, the Apito association, the Caritas Foundation, the Nuovo Orizzonte association, Africa Chiama onlus and CSV (Centre for Voluntary Services). Collaboration between the partners is strong as they share the Table of Culture and Immigration of the CSV.

The whole project revolves around ‘Noi Mondo TV’. This is a regional web TV channel containing every event being organized by our partners, including: intercultural and film festivals, mediator training courses, intercultural workshops in schools and an online help desk for immigrants. Noi Mondo TV also broadcasts news related to immigration, integration and foreign culture.

Various staff members from the Province of Pesaro & Urbino are at work at the head of the project, playing key roles in coordination and reporting alongside expert figures from the CSV Marche. The role of supervisor and guarantor of the whole project has been entrusted to the Education Services Department of Municipality of Fano.


-          Municipality of Fano:

-          The Province of Pesaro & Urbino:

-          Comunità dell’Alto e Medio Metauro:

-          The “Millevoci” voluntary and social solidarity association:

-          The  “Millemondi” social promotion association:

-          The “Nuovo Orizzonte” association:

-          The “Africa Chiama” onlus association:

-          The Caritas foundation:

-          CSV Marche (Centre for Voluntary Services):

-          Apito:



January 21, 2014
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