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Family reunion

ricongiungimento familiare

Foreign persons can apply to reunite with the following family members:

-          spouse of more than 18 years of age

-          underage children

-          dependent children over 18 who cannot provide for themselves due to serious health reasons certified by a physician appointed by the consulate issuing the visa

-          parents who do not have other children in their country of origin




- foreign applicants must have a residence permit for reasons associated with work, study, asylum, religious or family reasons, lasting at least 2 years;

- applicants will have to prove an ability to provide adequate dwellings for their family unit: property sizes and other specifications will comply with health and safety requirements outlined in the Decree of the Department of Health 5/7/1975. The relevant certification is issued exclusively by the Municipality in which the property is located;

- applicants will prove that their gross, minimum, and annual income is proportional to the number of family members which will create the unit after the family is reunited.  The amount is calculated using the annual amount of the social allowance plus half of the amount of the allowance for each family member. For example, for the year 2013, the minimum income for a family of 2 members is € 8,625, which has been calculated as follows: € 5,750 (allowance) + € 2,875 (50% of allowance) = € 8,625.




The procedure for issuing authorization of the reunion is activated when the applicant electronically submits the application to the Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione (One-stop-shop for immigration) in their place of residence.

To submit the application, go to, select immigrazione, select Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione and follow the instructions; or go to:


Once the office has received the application via e-mail or post, it will contact the applicant for the documents required for the procedure.

According to the law, the authorization should be issued within 180 days from the moment the application is received.

December 30, 2013
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