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This guide contains 379 multilingual questions to guide foreign nationals through their journey to integration in Italian society. Updated to January 2014, and published on the Integrazione Migranti website, it has been overseen by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. 

“To live well and integrate within Italian society (you can read on the Integrazione Migranti website where the guide has been published) it is important to know how life is organized in Italy and what the rules are. This guide has been produced for those who are not in Italy yet and need to understand how to enter, as well as those who are already here. Italian and foreign employers can find useful indications on how to assist workers during their journey to integration.

This guide can also help to deal with daily issues: employment agreements, registering children in school, obtaining a driving licence or opening a bank account. The new guide is also contains a new section on how to register with associations and institutions which operate for the migrants.

The guide is an up-to-date, short, practical and exhaustive online tool in 10 different languages promoted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. (

SOURCE : Website Integrazione Migranti – Vivere e lavorare in Italia 

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