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A week dedicated to training and intercultural exchanges. A group of young educators and volunteers of associations coming from six different European countries. A mixture of language and culture. This is what animated Pesaro during the week from 13 to 20 last September giving life to “Behind the Youth Work” a training course created and carried out by Vicolocorto, the association of Pesaro.

During those days the young participants thanks to the support and assistance of tutors, faced some topics which had to do with their work as volunteers and operators of the associations they came from. Specifically, they took into consideration the youth world, with its difficulties and beauties, with special attention on the youngsters with less opportunities and disabilities. In order to make their actions more efficient, they took part in a training course on social inclusion, organization and planning of European projects that promote intercultural exchange.

During the week 24 guys and girls coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Austria and Estonia put themselves to the test to acquire more competence and useful skills to make them able to reach a more correct understanding of youth work. According to the participants it was a great opportunity, also for personal growth, for visiting new places and obviously for exchanging experiences with other people with the same passions and interests.

As well known, youngsters are enthusiastic and resourceful, they have and give back lymph, they are curious and love challenges. These types of training courses offer very important possibilities: they are occasions for interaction and getting to know each other better. They encourage cooperation towards nobody being excluded in society.

Thanks to the participants who opened their hearts in front of our video cameras, thanks to the instructors of Vicolocorto who stimulate learning and determination.

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